Roll containers make it possible to create the functional warehousing system. Shelves may be installed at various heights thanks to which it is easy to adapt the container to dimensions of a specific cargo. Roll containers are one of the most efficient transport solutions for a warehouse. The mobility of containers makes that we save time needed for displacement of goods. Zinc coating protects the containers on wheels against the adverse effect of environmental conditions resulting in corrosion. We design, manufacture roll containers meeting the needs of our customers in terms of functionality, design and technical parameters.

Nesting roll container – folded, with stacking option. During the transport of empty roll containers it is enough only to remove the walls.

Mesh containers from ELKOM TRADE – modern logistics and transport solutions.

Roll containers – types

You will find in our offer various types of roll containers – from simplest two-wall models up to closed containers:

  • Two-wall roll container – allows to load from two sides and lacing the goods using special belts.
  • Three-wall roll container – allows for unobstructed loading from one side, and thanks to the presence of rear wall and two side walls it protects goods against displacement during the transport, and goods may be additionally laced with belts or wrapped with stretch film.
  • Four-wall roll container – protected from each side thanks to which it prevents third parties from accessing the transported goods.  The front wall of roll containers is usually tilted, thus providing an unobstructed loading.
  • Closed roll container – prevents the unauthorised parties from accessing the transported objects. It is ideally useful for transporting valuable goods.


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