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Culture Festival in Smoszewo is a cycle of events in artistic character. On each second weekend of the month in Smoszewo near Warsaw there will be held a presentations of outstanding achievements of artists in fields of art such as : photography, painting, sculpture, theatre, music and much more. SFK (Smoszewo Festival of Culture) has an ambition to embrace patronage on masters and students of widely understood art. Smoszewo is a new place on cultural map of Poland. We would like to invite everyone to visit SFK in Gmina Zakroczym, Smoszewo 1a. We offer : - spectacle room with various possibilities of premises design; stage, lighting, surround sound and display equipment - lodging place in 1,2,3,4 bedroom apartments with plumbing, TV and free Wi-Fi - together 61 spots - general room with TV with use of kitchen, dining-room - full board along with personal preference - monitored and fenced off parking.




For many years our company sponsored handball and volleyball teams which operate within sports club KSZO in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski.








We help people in need

Our company supports foundations, people in need and initiate numerous charity actions.

In last years we have hand down funds to the benefit of organisations and natural persons which help in those ways:

  • Sick people (donations hand down to "Fundacja na rzecz osób niewidomych i niepełnosprawnych");
  • - Disabled (donation hand down to disabled people);
  • Kids and youth placed in harsh life situation (donation hand down to association "Wspólne podwórko").

We as well actively promote those who are unable to take active participation in game. This is exactly what happened in Daniel, former handball player. Daniel had an unfortunate accident which caused partial paralysis and put him on wheelchair. We collected founds for treatment and rehabilitation during action organised and finalised by Elkom Trade in cooperation with KSZO. On Saturday September 12th 2015 during inauguration match of Ostrowiec handball team with MTS Chrzanów, Elkom Trade vice-president Mr. Piotr Michalak hand over to Daniel (former handball player of MTS) collected for him sum of money along with other gifts. Daniel was very grateful for support from our side.



We do support activities of NSZZ Policjantów in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski.

As well we do support NSZZ Policjantów in Ostrowieć Świętokrzystki in the area of organisation and in a form of a direct financial assistance. Undertaken activities include:

  • Participation in organisation of "Obchody Święta Policji"
  • Assistance in organisation of "Halowy Turniej Policjantów" in futsal
  • Donation to the benefit of NSZZ


II Wojewódzki Turniej Policjantów Województwa Świętokrzystkiego w Halowej Piłce Nożnej



Our company co-finances fire regulation training activities for the personnel of fire department in Ostrowiec Świętokrzystki.

We regularly assist in financing trainings increase professional qualifications of fire fighters organised by PARAM - Ośrodek Szkolenia Zawodowego.

Those actions support "Państwową Straż Pożarną in Ostrowiec Świętokrzystki" and their goal is to increase qualifications and achieveing new skills by fire department personnel.



We do popularize social activities and support schools.

Donations was hand over to the benefit of "Rada Rodziców at Zespół Szkół nr1 located in housing estate Słoneczne 33 Ostrowiec Świętokrzystki. Necessary teaching aids were purchased from given funds.



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