Furniture and workshop equipment

Metal furniture for office
Description: We offer office furniture such as:
  • cabinets with different spacing of shelves and several ways closing depending on the type of cabinet
  • tops with sliding doors or opening
  • cabinet drawer for the records, maps, drawings, cloasing by central lock
  • riding shelves of archives, libraries - dimensions matched to customers needs
External dimensions: cabinet: 1000 x 435 x h2000 mm
1200 x 435 x h2000 mm
top: 1000 x 435 x h800 mm
1200 x 435 x h800 mm
Colour: beige, blue, gray (other fees apply)
Metal furniture for changing room
Description: BHP clothes cabinets of various sizes with the possibility of fixing to:
  • legs
  • bench
  • pedestal

Each chamber of closet is equipped with hangers, tie-bar and a shelf. Each compartment is a barrier separating dirty clothes from clean, additionally has vents in accordance with Polish standards. Doors are locked with locking cylinder locks at one point.

Colour: beige, blue, gray, black
School furniture
Description: We are constantly offering the following types of cabinets:
  • cabinet type of school, "SUL" - with a 4-doors in the shape of the letter "L" and hooks in the middle
  • school closet - 4 or 2-doors with a stick, a shelf and hooks
  • school-cabinet-multi-tier locikers (two levels) - 4 or 6-doors with clothes hangers. Each compartment can be located chamber for books

All cabinets have ventilation holes and are closed by cylindrical locks with one-point locking. Products are compliance with Polish standards.

External dimensions: Type SUL 800 x 490 x h1800 mm
Type SU 1000/500 x 490 x h1830 mm
Type SU 1000/500 x 490 x h1930 mm
Multi-tier SU TYPE 890/610 x 490 x h1930/1830mm
Colour: standard colors as above (other fees apply)
Multi-tier lockers

Multi-tier lockers stending or pendant cabinets.

We also offer set of cloakroom type SUS with open part intended for clothes hanging and storage space closed cylindrical locks.

External dimensions: SSK-5 320 x 490 x h1900 mm (5 chambers)
SSK-10 580 x 490 x h1900 mm (10 chambers)
SSK-12 840 x 490 x h1545 mm (12 chambers)
SSK-15 840 x 490 x h1900 mm (15 chambers)
SSK-15 805 x 250 x h540 mm (pendant)
SUS-10 1540 x 490 x h1900 mm - 10 persons
SUS-15 2300 x 490 x h1900 mm - 15 persons
Warehouse shelves
Description: We offer:
  • screw racks RMS
  • plug-in racks RMW with size from 930 x 320mm to 1170 x 750mm and height till 3000 mm with the possibility to adapt to customer needs

Number of shelves in any order. Maximum shelf load 90 kg; possibility to make the shelves with a bigger load (additional fee).
In the constant offer we have also:

  • first aid kit (white) 300 x 200 x h450 mm
  • key cabinets (50 pieces) 400 x 80 x h400 mm
  • industrial cabinets 800 x 500 x h1500/1700 mm
  • Free-standing bench 1000 x 350 x h350 mm
Workshop trolleys
Description: In the offer we have opened or closed trolleys with different numbers of drawers or cabinets. Fitted with two fixed wheels and two torsion including one with brake. Top of the trolley with rubber oil-resistant.
External dimensions: different - depending on the type of trolley
Workshop benches
Description: We offer a wide range of workbenches with:
  • cabinets
  • drawers
  • extensions
Tabletops are made of particleboard and hot glued beech plywood. The possibility put on tabletop rubber or metal sheet (additional fee).
External dimensions: 1300 x 700 x h850 mm
1600 x 700 x h850 mm
2000 x 700 x h850 mm
und the rest, we realize individual projects

Number of goods:8

Check how it works

  • Fold constructions
  • Durability and endurance
  • Stacking compound and spread constructions
  • Adjusted to customer needs
  • Professional projects
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